La Fabbrica di Gulliver is a modeling reality officially born in 2008, but its beginnings date back to 1995.
From the very beginning the business developed trying to give life to particular and absolutely non-commercial projects.
The coordinator and manager of this activity is Stefano Polentarutti
From a very young age he was passionate about modeling, and over the years he has refined the most common manual techniques to create models of various kinds.
Cars, boats, planes, buildings, all very different objects, but which were brought together by historical research, by a cultural study that gave these objects a soul of their own. In the last few years "La Fabbrica di Gulliver" has evolved with new technologies that can be considered at the forefront in the field of classic modeling and this technological drive has given way to new projects to create ever more precise and faithful miniature models real.
The design has evolved from two-dimensional to three-dimensional drawing, and then moved on to printing in rapid prototyping with various materials.
These latest generation technologies are only a means to arrive at the creation of objects that can be used by the public or for the pleasure of the private individual, but we want to clarify that at the basis of every project there must be research, comparison with reality, with history in order not to risk losing that identity of the one who creates with the pleasure of doing it.
Without a continuous comparison with today's reality and with the past all scientific evolutions would lead to nothing.
Another strong point of "La Fabbrica di Gulliver" is the continuous search for collaborations with other professional realities throughout the Italian territory.
Proof of this is the fact that there are collaborations in Veneto, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Trentino.
The pourability of "La Fabbrica di Gulliver" has the purpose of seeking the appropriate solutions to the related construction needs. There is not only one way or a constructive method to respond to the different requests, we need to integrate the various technologies with the problems that gradually arise.
For several years now this activity has been carried out with passion, sacrifice and dedication and certainly there are all the conditions for a future full of other projects.


Sometimes, to create a model, the real challenge lies in understanding its purpose.

An object can be an end in itself or be the means to bring back emotions.

Scale reproductions are used to have in front of the eyes..... in the hands.... the lines, the volumes, the colors that we have in mind.

Making an idea tangible through a model is the only way we have to focus on its strengths or weaknesses.

In my Laboratory (my....Factory....) I try to find the most direct solutions to solve specific construction problems.

To do this there are multiple techniques or creative paths that can be followed to achieve the goal.

Before thinking about how to make an object, it is important to have a discussion with the creator or the end user to identify what is the basis of a project or what one expects to achieve.

This is one of those jobs that are done out of passion, because you feel it.

It drives you the desire to create unique objects.

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