La Fabbrica di Gulliver


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Chariots 1:16



The 1:16 scale model of this tank Self-propelled 75/18 was born from the desire to reproduce a vehicle that was one of the most representative vehicles of the Italian Army during the 2nd World War.

Since there are no projects available, the photographic and measurement surveys on a real specimen have become indispensable.

The survey, the drawing, the creation of 3D files for printing and everything that makes up the Kit was created in several months of work.

Now there is a model available that is 98% faithful to the original (some modeling compromises were necessary)

The Semovente 75-18 can be requested as a kit or in an assembled version with Yellow Sand livery.

The kit includes 3D printed pieces in Sintered Nylon, in two-component resin, all the pins are in metal and rotate on metal bushings, many details are printed in HD resin.

The traction group is included (2 motors with epicyclic gears and motor mount), three micro servos for the management of the swing, elevation and recoil of the barrel.

Kit cost: 800 Euros

Cost Assembled and painted model: 1000 Euros



The 1:16 scale model is under construction

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